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Large Ma Jou statue
Ma Jou 祖媽
(which is the Cantonese pronouciation of "Ma Zu" - previously spelled "Matsu")
aka The Ancestral Sacred Sea Mariner:
Tean Seuhng Sing Mou
Sing Mou Neung Neung 娘娘母聖
Large Ma Jou statue
Ancient Chinese government edicts, court documents, Taoist scriptures,
and even shipping logs provide the stories of the young girl who transformed into the goddess she became.
Ma Jou the Saccred Sea Mariner, even after a millennium has passed...
According to statistics, there are over 200 million Ma Jou devotees across the world.
An estimate of 160 million worshipers in China and 40 million over the rest of the globe.

Tian Hou drawing
There are three Taoist Scriptures dedicated to Ma Jou, one is known as
"Lao Zi's Spiritual Classic on the Rescue from Hardships by Tean Fei (Ma Jou)"
or Taai Seuhng Lóuh Gwān Syut Tīn Fēi Gau Fú Lìhng Yihm Gīng
The second one is known by 3 different titles:
1) "Tean Hauh's (Ma Jou's) Real Classic of Releiving Difficulties and Suffering"
or Tīn Hauh Yùhn Gwān Gau Fú Gau Nàahn Jān Gīng
2) "Tean Hauh's Real Classic on Rescue from Disaster & Life Liberation"
or Tīn Hauh Yùhn Gwān Gau Gip Chīu Sāang Jān Gīng and
"Ma-ma Tean Hauh's Classic on Releiving Difficulties and Suffering"
The third scripture is called
3) "Tean Hauh's Treasured Prayer"
Ma Jou w/sea dragon
Ma Jou was actually a Manifestation of Energy from the
Big Dipper Star Group into a Lady Immortal known as
Miu Haang Yuhk Neuih
which had overcome multiple tests & obstacles before gaining her Immortal-hood.

After which, Miu Haang Yuhk Neuih was called upon by the
Supreme Lord or the Moral Heaven Respected One (aka Lao Zi)
Lou Ji drawing
to the gathering for the appointment of the task to descend into the
Mortal Realm to perform the necessary Salvation for Suffering Beings.

Upon getting the appointment,
Miu Haang Yuhk Neuih made her Sincerest & Greatest Vow of ceasing of
ALL Sufferings before she returned back to the Celestial Realm again and so,
upon making the Vow,
Miu Haang Yuhk Neuih was sent off for Re-incarnation aka Manifestation into the Mortal world.
At that time, her middle-aged parents already had six other children and only one of them a girl.
Her mother prayed for another daughter. One night after Ma Jou’s Mother
dreamt of The Big Dipper Lords the North
she became pregnant and after 10 months of pregnancy, Ma Jou was born on
23rd Day of the Third Lunar Month, 960 AD during the Sung Dynasty,
in the Lam Family on a small island in the straits of Taiwan off the coast of
China's Southeastern Fujian province called Putian Meizhou Island.
Given Maiden Name as Lam Mahk or Lam Mahk Neung
At her birth the room was filled with a brilliant light with the fragrance of fresh blossoms -
Alert and healthy, she did not cry at all during the first month of her life, and so she was called Mahk Neung
(which means Lam, the Silent Maiden)
Lam Mahk Neung
As she grew up in a coastal area, and quite naturally
she deveopled strong swimming skills and prowess and
was gifted with remarkable intelligence and an eidetic (photographic) memory.

By the age of 8, she dreamt of a
Lady wearing Purple & emitted out great bright rays
approaching her and passed her a few books that contained a few very rare & precious skills.
Mahk Neung accepted and promised the Lady to study and
never stop practising the Skills that were imparted to her.

At the age of 13 she was accepted as a student by an elderly priest who,
recognizing her profound spirituality, passed on to her the secret mysteries of Taoism.

Supernatural powers were soon to become apparent as well.
Since a very young age, Mahk Neung had been going around assisting the Needy,
regardless of whether they were strangers or people she knew.

When she was fifteen when she was going with her girlfriends to check out
their new dresses in the reflections of a pool,
a sea creature erupted out of the water and was holding a bronze disk out, offering it to the girls.
Terrified, the others ran away, but the brave Lamn Mahk Neung calmly accepted the bronze.
From that moment on, she began to display unusual powers...
powers that grew daily and made her a legendary figure at a young age.

By the age of 16, Mahk Neung was able to use the Skills that mentioned in the
Unknown Books to assist very Needy in her Hometown.

Already held in high esteem by the villagers for her healing,
Lam Mahk Neung She became familiar with astronomic and meteorological knowledge and could now
predict the weather, helping fishermen avoid sea disasters and salvage shipwrecks.

Tian Fei Gung
Lam Mahk Neung decided to remain a virgin and not get married in spite of tremendous social pressure to do so.
Two warriors of great fame became inflamed with lust when they saw
the beautiful young girl and when they let her know that
she said she would marry the one who defeated her
They fought her one by one and both lost. Wallowing in frustration they decided to combine forces and force her to "have their way" with her.
She was ready to fight them again but stipulated that if they lost,
they would have to do her bidding forever.

Those two warriors of great fame were
軍將耳風順 - 軍將眼里千
Demon Generals 1000 Mile Ears & Ears that hear as far as the Wind blows
General Chīn Léih Ngáahn (Eyes that See a Thousand Miles) and
General Seuhn Fūng Yíh (Ears that can Hear as far as the Wind Blows)
They both died that day during the fight that took place on Mount Peach Blossom.
Ma Jou w/2 generals
Though there are numerous accounts of Ma Jou's many sea rescues,
none is as poignant as her mystical rescue of her father and brother when they were
washed overboard by a typhoon that came up suddenly while they were at sea.

Lahm Mahk Neung was at home weaving a tapestry when she fell into a trance,
"seeing" the events that were taking her kin to a watery grave.
She used her spiritual powers to transport herself to their sides.
Propelling her elder brother to safety, she returned to rescue her father.

She was swimming homeward with her father clenched firmly between her teeth,
when her mother noticed that Lahm Mahk, was slumped over her weaving.
Believing she was ill, her concerned mother woke her. Lam Mahk's trance was broken and her father drowned.
Lam Mahk walked into the sea and was engulfed by clouds that carried her across the waves to find her father,
returning three days later with his body so he could be buried at home.

The bereft Lam Mahk intensified her quest for spiritual growth,
continuing her legacy of compassion and good works,
but now she seemed more distant and "other-worldish" in her grief.

At the age of 28, while Mahk Neung was at one Taoist Monasteries to pay her respect to the Deities,
she came to
Dau Mou Hall
and while in there, she realised that the Lady appeared in her dream when she was 8 years old, was actually
Ji Guong Fu Yahn

who is the transformed manisfestation of
Dau Mou

On that very night, Mahk Neung had another dream and this time round, Dou Mu appeared in her actual form to meet up with Mo Niang, informing Mo Niang that her time was up for performing her Salvation task in the Three Realms. –
After getting advice from Ji Guong Fu Yahn, Mahk Nèuhng decided to leave home.
So she simply told her family it was time for her to leave home and that she must go alone.
On the 9th Day of Ninth Lunar Month, to gain her Immortal-hood she ascended to the
Highest Peak (Meifeng Peak) in her hometown.

Reaching the top, Lam Mahk Neung was encircled by clouds of dense fog,
and to the accompaniment of enchanting celestial music,
was carried into the heavens in a golden glow of light.
Where she had been last seen, a great rainbow appeared.

During the
Sung Dynasty AD 987, 9th Day of the Ninth Lunar Month

Mahk Nèuhng got her Immortal-hood and was summoned back to the Celestial Realm to receive her Official Title before she was sent back to the Mortal Realm to assist the Needy again.

In Taoist Culture, Ma Jou is a highly respected Lady Immortal.
Every year, during her Manifestation Anniversary,
ALL Temples that are dedicated to Ma Jou will conduct Supreme Rituals/Ceremonies to honour Ma Jou as a form of Gratitude for her hardship in Salvaging the Sufferings & Blessings.

To this day, in
Hokkien (Fujian) Pu Tian Mei Zhou County
on the 23rd Day of the Third Lunar Month, tons & tons of Devotees will flock to the Main Ancestral Temple of Ma Jou to pay their respect to her in order to request Blessings through-out the Year.

funny cartoon
The pair of defeated Demon Generals - turned Ma Jou's subordinates are seen by her side
in statuary and images and as puppets
in the annual processionals that celebrate Ma Jou's birthday.
The entourage traditionally includes guards costumed as ancient soldiers,
and thirty-six martial artists carrying special weapons.
Tens of thousands make the eight-day pilgrimage to the oldest temple of Ma Jou in Taiwan each year.
Countless other treks and festivals are held on her birthday throughout
the coastal regions where the goddess Ma Jou is still revered.

detailed cartoon
In the Sung Dynasty (1123 AD) the imperial government bestowed on her the title of
妃天 后天 母聖
Heavenly Concubine, Heavenly Queen and Holy Mother
to reflect her virtues of love and sacrifices made.

Several days before and after Ma Jou’s birthday (the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month),
the Dragon King and other sea creatures would come to Meizhou Island to extend birthday congratulations to Ma Jou.
Fishermen do not go fishing on those days to share Mazu’s mercy and celebrate her birthday.
Scientific research shows that during those days, many fishes came to Meizhou Island to lay eggs.
The story about Ma Jou’s birthday party actually serves as a fishing ban which prevents fishermen from fishing,
facilitating the reproduction of sea creatures, and promote the harmony between human beings and nature.

Blessed with uncommon powers, the Sacred Sea Mariner Ma Jou
teaches us to be always mindful of the need for the reconciliation of the opposites in our lives...
the need for both the masculine and the feminine, kindness and ferocity,
the balance of nature and civilization,
and above all, the harmonization of mind, body, and spirit.

grand illustration

Ma Jou Temples around the globe

Ma Jou Taoist Temple in New York City

was founded in 1995 at 9 Second Avenue in Manhattan's Lower East Side

and is currently operating in Ulster County, New York

Here is the award winning documentary on the demise of Ma Jou Miu in NYC
"The Tao of 9 Second Avenue"

(二拜禮) 號四月五曆新 日三廿月三曆舊係日秋千母聖上天祖媽年今
In the Year 2021, Ma Jou's Birthday will fall on Tuesday, the Fourth day of May

(best for premenstrual virgins)

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